Rebuild Groesbeck Hill Park Playgrounds

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Please sign our petition to renovate the playground structures at Groesbeck Hill Park.

The playgrounds have been closed and will be demolished by the end of this year. On 7/26/18 during the Community Meeting on Road Improvements and Groesbeck Hill Park, the Parks and Recreation Dept stated they do not have enough funds at this time to rebuild the play structures or any of the upgrades the park desperately needs.

The East Hills Neighborhood Group is currently working with the office of Senator Jim Beall and Councilmember Sylvia Arenas from our District 8 office in finding the funds to renovate the park. But, we need strong community support to move our efforts forward.

Please sign this petition and help spread the word among your neighbors to help support our efforts in beautifying Groesbeck Hill Park.


East Hills Neighborhood Group