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Petitioning Director of External Communications Jill Saletta and 3 others

Jill Saletta: We demand a recall (on your fire hazard dishwashers) NOW!



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Director of External Communications Jill Saletta
Whirlpool North America Media Relations Whirlpool North America Media Relations
Senior Manager, Brand PR Monica Teague
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CEO Whirlpool Corporation Jeff Fettig
I just signed the following petition addressed to: KitchenAid/Whirlpool.

RECALL their dishwashers (they are catching fire!)

So more people don't lose their homes, pets (and potentially their lives) through the use of a kitchen appliance they consider to be safe. KitchenAid is not taking responsibility, nor are they even acknowledging this problem, despite more than 400 fire complaints, a pending class action lawsuit and an investigation on behalf of the federal government. The related information can be found here:


Angela Murmylo