Ban Manish Mehta from the Jets locker room

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Manish Mehta is the most unreliable, non credible and worst Jets reporter of all time. Back in 2015, Manish Mehta published a well known report that has now been discounted saying that HC Doug Marrone was not liked in Buffalo and the article aslo called Marrone "the definition of average". Manish went on to say in the article,  "When Woody Johnson interviewed Marrone on Saturday to be the next Jets head coach, he likely didn’t see the side of the man who alienated so many at his previous job.", once again without any proof. This ultimately caused Marrone not to get the Jets job and he ultimately went on to interview and accept the Jaguars job 6 days after interviewing in New York. Since then, Marrone is a well respected and well liked coach with the Jaguars and he led them to an AFC championship game last season even with Blake Bortles at QB. On March 8th, 2018 Manish posted a tweet about Muhammad Wilkerson heading to New Orleans to meet with the Saints that read as follows "Wilkerson is getting some terrible advice. The last place he should be near given his issues with alcohol is Bourbon Street/French Quarter. Who is advising this guy?". He accuses Wilkerson of having "issues with alcohol" without any little bit of proof or evidence to back this claim up. Upon hearing of the accusations, Wilkerson's mother called into WFAN's Boomer and Gio radio show to defend her son and call out Manish Mehta for who he is. According to his mother, Mehta held personal grudges against Geno Smith, Darrelle Revis, Santonio Holmes and of course Muhammad. She also says that he always "played Muhammad against Sheldon". This recent revelation is likely to boil into next season with Manish around in the Jets locker room where Muhammad still has many close friends and acquaintances. Who will Manish hold a grudge against next? Who will he inaccurately report on next and cause problems with? When does it end? Thats why us, the Jets fan base is calling for ownership to BAN Daily news reporter, Manish Mehta from the Jets locker room and demand that the Daily News assigns a new Jets beat reporter if they want to regain locker room access. We pay hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for tickets for each season and we should not allowe the team that we are paying for to be impacted by a negative force in the locker room.

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