Lower Rent & Raise Pet Friendly Housing

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     It is very clear and noticeable that San Diego’s housing is becoming more and more expensive.Not just in the rent alone but in security deposits and fees for having pets! Also, there seems to be little to none of housing being pet friendly from small to big dogs along with felines. 

     Rent in San Diego can range wildly from a whopping $1400-$2200 for a 1bed/1bath and/or a 2bed/1bath (for all sorts of housing types). Not to forget the tenants are responsible for utilities which tally up to $200-300! Wow! Could you imagine the average American trying to live life here in San Diego? Could you imagine how much it would be for a 3bed or a place with 2baths?! A lot and this issue of cost needs to be fixed to better serve those all over San Diego! No one should have to work day and night to afford a home that would just be used 8 hours out of each and every day! That is not what a home should be! 

     Not only is rent a problem but so is the lack of pet friendly housing! As times change and families grow so should housing rules. Especially for those who have pets! It is extremely frustrating and sad for renters to have to sacrifice their fur family because of needing a place to stay or because of a fee. Pets are more than what they were years ago. They are part of a family that loves and cherishes them just as much as they are needed. Regardless of them being a service animal or written on paper as an emotional support animal it shouldn’t have to cost a family a place to stay or fees! If places were more pet friendly and were built to accommodate pets there wouldn’t need to be sacrifices or a fee to pay. Instead there should be a look into medical records and behavior of the pets.

     As to sum this up, I am asking everyone and anyone to sign this petition to bring about change in San Diego’s housing! Not just for ourselves but for our pets too! Housing is getting more and more expensive and less pet friendly so let’s do something about this!



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