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Keep Sea Otters in Mind while Passing Laws

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Sea Otters are a keystone species in our local habitat. Their health is very important to maintain a healthy and thriving ecosystem. Without sea otters, sea urchins would decimate the kelp forest which is a habitat for many fish and other animals. The fish that live in the kelp forest are often harvested by local fisherman and contribute to California's local economies.

We, the undersigned, support the following ideas and hope you keep our opinions in mind while you pass laws. 

~ Supporting and endorsing political candidates on all levels that prioritize protecting the environment, fight climate change, and scientific research.

~ Lobby for more protected areas for sea otters

~ Pass laws that limit the take on food sources for the sea otters and for killer whales that have started to eat sea otters

~ Pass laws that create regulations to reduce the harm to the sea otters and the entire ocean cause by gill nets, off-shore oil drills, onshore pipelines, leaky oil tankers and use of sea water to wash out boats/tankers

~ Support businesses that invest in research to develop a new “sea otter friendly” kitty litter and then market it as such, similar to the dolphin free white albacore tuna idea.

When you are making laws, please keep this information in mind so that we can continue to find ways to protect sea otters!

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