Help give Dominique Tanks a second chance at Life.

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Hello, My name is Dominique Tanks I am 29 years old. I have been imprisoned since the age of 16. I have served 13 years of a 50 to life sentence for murder. Thanks to the compassion of California's governor Brown I have a chance of receiving a commutation. A sentence reduction. I humbly ask for your support in this endeavor and sign this petition. Please read the information below.

I was only 16 years old when I committed my crime and although I understood what I did was wrong, it was not until years later that I began to truly understand the impact of my crime. It is this understanding that filled me with the burden of Shame, guilt, and regret. That burden spurred my maturity and growth.

Since then, I have worked passionately to address my Character defects and re-establish a healthy belief system. It is my shame, guilt, and regret that has motivated me to identify, Challenge, and eradicate defective values and principles I held. All in my effort to improve as a person, to ensure my destructive actions are never repeated.

My actions are unforgivable. No amount of atonement or Good Deeds can erase the pain and Trauma I've caused the other family. For that purpose, I have made a commitment to live a lifestyle of giving back. First I had to change my thinking, behavior, and my gang and criminal lifestyle.

Currently, I serve my community Through the Ironwood Braille program as a braille transcriber certified by the U.S Library of Congress. I convert text books into Braille to assist the Blind and Visually Impaired California community college students. I also volunteer as a core Mentor coordinator in the youth offender program (YOP). Helping youth offenders with their academic goals, self-help rehabilitative groups, and being an example of disassociating from gangs and programming in a positive way. Aiding them in their recovery and Rehabilitation is my moral obligation. I have been a negative example in my past, now I need to serve as a positive one. I further serve as a facilitator for the following self-help rehabilitative groups: alternative to violence project (AVP)California, Addiction Counseling program(ACP), community-based art program(CBAP), getting out by going in(GOGI), I - 4 - site(I4S), and lifers activity group(LAG).

I am also a student  enrolled at Palo Verde College. I have 2 semesters left to complete to receive my associate of Arts degree, majoring in Social and behavior science. In addition, I am a few classes away from receiving my alcohol and drug studies (ADS) specialist 1 and specialist 2 certifications. With these academic credentials I am going to be a counselor for those suffering from substance abuse and or destructive Behavior.

Before I became a mentor, facilitator, and a counselor I had to make significant changes within myself. Those profound changes and powered need to demonstrate to others the new healthy principles by which I live. The man I am today is a stark contrast to the immature and impulsive 16 year old teenager I once was. I intend to continue to be of service for others, helping to stem the generational cycle of violence and abuse, which I personally have been affected by.

I am a firm believer in GOD and i strongly believe that with the love and support of my Wife and My Family, if i am granted commutation i will come home and not only be a better person to myself but to the society as well and encourage young men not to follow in my footsteps and see life for the greater good. Thank you all for your love and support. God Bless.







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