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California Plastic Straw Ban

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In the United States, over 500 million plastic straws are used per day (enough to circumnavigate the planet twice) but because they are small and light weight, almost none ever make it to recycling bins. But what is not very well known is that an object so small, so ingrained in the culture of America, and so widely used, can be so deadly. In truth, even if the extra steps are taken towards recycling plastic straws, they are still technically not "recyclable". Made out of polypropylene, a byproduct of petroleum, which takes a considerable amount of time to extract and create. As the straws move down the recycling conveyor belt, it and other small objects fall through the small holes and are filtered back to the landfill where they will remain for the rest of its enormous lifespan.

Although the fate of plastic straws may seem daunting, even if recycled, the cost of not throwing away these small pieces of plastic is huge. Straws often end up in the ocean, becoming stuck in different animal's breathing passages and even causing deformation if ingested. The problem: many of these small animals, such as turtles and fish end up dying because of these straws. A life cut short because of a small piece of plastic used on average for only a few minutes.

So what can we do? Take a stand! There are many alternatives to plastic, such as reusable metal or hard plastic straws. Thousands of animals do not have to die each year because of a mere straw, and we can stop it. Join the effort and use your voices. Sign the petition to ban plastic straws in California.

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