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Begin The End Of Puppy Mills

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In the West, and most of the United States, dogs are mistreated and abused. One of the many reasons for this could be solved if puppy mills could be shut down; puppy mills are “an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane.” Puppy mills are crude, abusive and harmful to its dogs. The puppies usually come out sick and socially inept. The breeding dogs are forced to raise litter after litter with little to no break in between, sitting in their own feces. They are packed in wire cages that cut and harm their paws; and when they can’t breed anymore, they are often killed.

Almost no laws are set against puppy mills in the West. I believe that more laws should be put in place to standardize the breeding and selling of dogs. Some of the laws could be:

  • Having breeders have a required inspection twice a year.
  • Having breeders dogs have a required amount of veterinary care, food, water and other basic necessities.
  • Having dogs be given at least 40 hours of  time and exercise outside of the cage every week
  • Standardizing the living areas of the dogs (like not living in columns of filthy cages). 

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