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It’s interesting that the BBC has singled out Michael Jackson music for a ban, when the allegations against him are not just unproven, but there is a great deal of evidence in the public domain to suggest they’re false. That includes the testimony of his accusers in his 2004 trial, in which they both categorically stated on oath that he never laid a finger on them. 

Add to that the tributes they paid to him upon his death, it leads to a lot of questions about the validity of their new claims.

However, without pause for breath or any serious, discerning, investigative journalism, the racist, tabloid junkie known as the BBC (well known for covering up paedophillia within its organisation and having racist policies towards Blacks and Muslims) has decided to embark on a path of destruction with regard to Michael Jackson’s legacy. No doubt the decision to ban his music was taken by a team of racist white employees who hated the fact that his music was the first Black Music to get played on MTV. It led to the dominance of black music in the UK and US charts and also Michael eclipsing the likes of Elvis as the biggest selling recording artist.

And whilst we’re on the subject of Elvis, let’s not forget he had sex with and got engaged to a 14 year old, whilst Jerry Lee Lewis had sex with and married his 13 year old cousin. Then there’s David Bowie, who took the virginity of 14 year old fan, whilst having sex with 13 year olds. It’s well chronicled in his biography but still the BBC continues to play his and the aforementioned artists’ music.

Even James Bulger’s mother (who communicated with Michael Jackson after her son’s murder) has come out in his defence, via Twitter.

Moreover, the BBC was built on the sweat, blood and tears of slaves. It’s an institution whose original funding can be traced back to the rape, torture, murder and abuse of black people. It is a dinosaur, outdated in these times of higher thinking.

So, it’s time this institution was disbanded and the money used for better causes, because all it promotes is hatred towards black people and other minorities. It will never have a black Director General, yet America has already had a Black President. That speaks volumes about the values it stands for. No real journalism going on, just sensationalism.

If you continue to fund this organisation through the Licence Fee then one day your children will be next. 

Don’t pay (if you’re in the UK) and email them with complaints about their mistreatment of Michael Jackson and their false rewriting of history.

Clyde Jenkins knew both MJ and The Robsons (MIchael’s accusers) and posted this on social media:

Wade Robson... you should be ashamed of yourself!!!  You and your family befriended the biggest star in the world.  I personally recall your mom Joy calling MJJ Music with a sob story about needing money knowing that Michael Jackson loved her and your entire family and would do anything to help her.   Michael especially loved you like a son because you  dreamed of being a dancer as your mother took you around Australia impersonating who.... Michael Jackson.

Your family moved to the United States leaving your father behind and Michael gave you a record deal as part of  a rap duo named QUO!   It FAILED!!!

Michael Set you up with his niece Brandi and you guys were together for several years... until you CHEATED with other woman several Times.... she left you!

You still remained in the Jackson Circle.... Why?  Because it opened doors for you being associated with Michael Jackson and his family.

That association with Michael Jackson afforded you the opportunity to befriend such artist as Justin Timberlake and Brittany spears... and what did you do...You started working with Justin as a Choreographer and then slept with his girlfriend Brittany Spears and was FIRED.   Justin then wrote a song about it called "Cry Me A River".  And yet you called Justin your FRIEND!!!

You used your association with Michael Jackson to befriend PRINCE and  Mayte.... and what did you do.... You slept with HER!!!   Some friend you are!!

You use your association with Michael Jackson to get yourself a gig on a television dance show.... word gets out about your previous disregard and loyalty toward high profile celebrities... and what happens.... you get CUT from that show.

SUDDENLY there's a Michael Jackson VEGAS SHOW in the works and you BEG to be the choreographer for the show.... another Choreographer is chosen.... what do you do now that your web of lies are catching up with you and you are now Hollywood damaged goods....   You turn on the one man who looked out for you and your family your ENTIRE life and make up child abuse/molestation allegations that you have emphatically stated for many many years....NEVER HAPPENED!!

Fast forward to today... Michael Jackson is sadly NO LONGER with us.  You now beg Michaels Nephew Taj Jackson for VIP access to Michael Jacksons funeral for YOU and your entire family.  yet you claim this monster molested you...Sick.   

You are now considered a home wrecking, disloyal individual and is essentially blackballed from Hollywood.  What do you do?  Because You know the world knows you are associated with Michael Jackson.... you use that association once again to change your LIFE LONG STORY to now claim... Michael Jackson molested you.  Why?  because you are BROKE and your wife is demanding you start making money or she will leave you.

You now convince another broke kid from Michaels past (Pepsi commercial) to join you in a frivolous lawsuit against Michael Jacksons  Estate for 100's of Millions of dollars.  The courts agree that there is no merit to this lawsuit and dismiss it!!

The Jackson family never fight back when people say disparaging things about their family.  Mrs. Jackson once told me when i questioned her about this... she replied "because DIRT sinks and CREAM rises"  

Wade knows this to be true as well.... so what does he do?  He and James Safechuck concoct a story so salacious, so scandalous  so despicable, and presents it to HBO for a one sided EXPLOSIVE televised documentary of LIES... in hopes that the Michael Jackson BILLION DOLLAR ESTATE will settle with you financially to make this documentary go away.

Well that documentary of LIES will air this weekend.... and unlike the Jackson's past... this new generations of Jackson kids are not having it!!   they are suing HBO for airing  your lying ass!! 

I hope when this is all said and done, the estate counter sues YOU in civil court and WIN!  I hope it renders you penniless for the rest of your life.   Michael Jackson was good to YOU, your mother Joy and your sister Chantel.... and because your gravy train has run out... THIS is how you repay him.   You are a sad excuse for a human being!!! 

Sorry for this long post... but knowing what i know I just couldn't be silent.  

For any of you who thought Michael Jackson was strange... I get it... because there is no one else on earth to compare him to.   Yes, there are other child stars who grew up to "blend in" to society...and i get it... But when you are Michael Jackson and the only thing on earth that is more recognizable than you is the yellow  "M" at McDonalds..... that in itself is "Strange!"

Anyways.... i say... boycott the documentary... and if you MUST WATCH... know that you now know the basis of the scandalous lies contained within the documentary!

Let that man rest in PEACE!!!



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