Groundspeak: Relax stance of non-acceptance relating to other geolocation based games

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For over 16 years, Geocaching has been the upper echelon of geolocation-based games all over the world. In the past ten years, other geolocation-based games have come and gone, but many have stayed as mobile technology has evolved and matured. The current stance by Groundspeak and Geocaching as being unaccepting of the fact that many people who enjoy Geocaching also enjoy other geolocation-based games IN TANDEM with their activities is appalling. This stance also misleads some geocachers who don't understand that these other games exist and have put forth the characteristics of wanting to coexist with geocaching. These geocachers who have been misled have taken to destroying game pieces from other games or trying to disrupt player's attempts at playing these other games. The goal of all geolocation-based games is to provide enjoyment to their respective userbases and those userbases often overlap heavily.

The solution to this problem is to relax the current trend of heavy-handedly striking down any player's attempts at having enjoyment no matter what other game it may involve. The Geocaching guidelines currently prevent the addition of commercial or agenda-based content within a cache description however agents of Geocaching (i.e. volunteer cache reviewers) have increasingly been involved with seeking out if an event for a "competing" (in the words of Groundspeak) geolocation-based game is directly or indirectly connected to a Geocaching event and "locking/archiving" the Geocaching event based on that information. This also causes undue stress on the host of said events because of the untold amount of time spent by the host in planning and hosting the event. If a person does not play a "competing" geolocation game, then it should be the choice of the person to not participate in the parts that relate to the other game or even to participate in the overall event in the first place. Guidelines to not mention the other games could be kept in place as they are as long as event hosts and cache owners do not mention the other games on the Geocaching listings.

To me, this relates to me personally as I choose to, and enjoy, regularly playing the games of Geocaching, Munzee, and Wallabee as well as occasionally other games like Ingress, Pokemon GO, and Flagstack. I should not be forced by any one of those games to play only that game against my wishes. This should not be forced on anyone.

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