Solidarity with junior doctors - no imposition of contracts

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Solidarity with junior doctors - no imposition of contracts

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Unite the Resistance started this petition to jeremy hunt mp

Signed by: Mark Serwotka (PCS), Kevin Courtney (NUT), Ian Hodson and Ronnie Draper (BFAWU), Liz Lawrence (UCU), Dave Ward (CWU), Ken Loach (film director), Tony Burke (Unite), Chris Stephens MP, Jane Aitchison and Sean Vernell (Unite the Resistance) and many others.

We are outraged that health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced the imposition of a new contract for junior doctors. The contract, as the British Medical Association has repeatedly and rightly said, is not safe and is not fair.

The decision to impose a contract is a sign of total failure on the government’s part. Instead of working with the BMA to reach an agreement that is in the best interests of patients, junior doctors and the NHS as a whole the government has decided to use bullying and diktat.

The imposition is a threat not only to junior doctors but to the whole of the NHS and to all trade unionists. If negotiation is pushed aside then the essential basis of unions is forfeited.

If Hunt gets away with this, the same tactics may well be used to force through the abolition of unsocial hours payments throughout the NHS and other cost-slashing measures across the public sector.

Coming in the week of the TUC’s “heart unions” action, it is obvious this government “hates unions”.

>We call on Hunt to withdraw the imposition and listen to the BMA.

>We believe every union now has to give full solidarity to the BMA—send messages of support to or on Twitter @TheBMA

>For the next junior doctors’ strike, every union should encourage its members to join picket lines in large numbers and give any possible support.

>Every union should support initiatives from the BMA and defend junior doctors from the attacks by the Tories and sections of the media.

>We encourage the TUC to meet with the BMA to discuss the best solidarity measures, including a national demonstration.

>Every union branch should seek to invite a junior doctor to its next meeting and discuss how solidarity can be delivered.

This is a time for solidarity and action. We all stand together with the junior doctors.

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This petition had 1,437 supporters