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We want Labour party to expel Tulip Siddiq

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As a member of the Labour party i am very disgusted with the conduct of  british Bangladeshi MP tulip siddiq. She threatened a pregnant woman and  blatantly lied that She has no links with bangladeshi politics 

Further development to Tulip Siddiq and channel 4:

1. After the channel 4 report yesterday in Bangladesh security services turned up in large numbers at the family home of Ahmad bin Quasem, the barrister who had been disappeared in Bangladesh. They were intimidating the family and threatening them and telling them to behave. This was no coincidence, it was directly organised at the order of Hasina, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and aunt of Tulip Siddiq. Hasina is a master of terrorizing the opposition and using the state security apparatus for her dirty work. This time the aunt of Tulip was sending the family of the abductee a clear message. It’s worse than the mafia!

2. The issue was raised in the UK parliament today and Bangladeshi governments humans rights record was raised as an issue of grave concern. It should be at the top of our governments agenda. Human rights abuse, political assassination, enforced disappearances, secret and illegal imprisonment, torture and execution should all be major causes of concern for all people. Bangladesh government of Awami League has mastered it all. We should send a clear message that this must stop now.

3. Further evidence of Tulip Siddiq’s lies and hypocrisy has been exposed by channel 4. She lied on camera that she has no interest in influencing politics in Bangladesh while on her own website she had published how she takes keen interest in Bangladeshi politics. She played an important role in the Awami League’s election victory and media campaign. She was the parties lobbyist in the UK. Tulip has been raving about the virtues of her aunt all her life and now she even tried to deny that she was a Bangladeshi.

4. I can confirm that Tulip is lying about her Bangladesh Awami League connection and her direct influence in the government including the Prime Minister Hasina. In fact her aunt played a direct role in Tulip’s election campaign in the UK. In the last general election all the Bangladeshi Awami League sympathizing members of the Labour Party across London were ordered to campaign for Tulip to save her from losing her seat. The popular phrase amongst the Awami League members was “we must save the niece”. This order came from Awami League high offices in UK and Bangladesh. I was informed of this fact by various Awami League leaders in the UK and also evidence on the ground proves this. Mr ajmal masroor states " I remember Rushanara Ali MP from Bethnal Green and Bow were complaining that all tower hamlets labour activists had deserted her campaign trail and were deployed in Camden. She felt abandoned by the Awami League. I saw the panic on her face during the election campaign". 

5. Tulip Siddiq should be ashamed of herself and the Labour Party should investigate Tulips secretive and questionable Bangladeshi political activities. Her aunt is a well known for gross human rights abuse and accused of running a totalitarian government in Bangladesh. Tulip is not innocent of this - if she has stayed silent about her aunts barbaric evil behaviour then she has been silently condoning all these evil activities. If she says she was not aware of what her beloved aunt was up to then she is lying. If she says she does not  have any interest in Bangladeshi politics then she is lying again. The truth is Tulip Siddiqi has created a facade and smokescreen to deceive us in the UK. She is totally aware of and fully connected to the heart of Bangladeshi politics.

Watch the channel 4 video for further evidence:

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