Fight Islamophobia in the Labour Party and reinstate Syed E Siddiqi from suspension

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My name is Syed E Siddiqi and I am a British born Bangladeshi and a member of the Labour Party. I got involved in local politics to help my community, fight inequality and play my part in a Jeremy Corbyn-led, socialist Labour Party. I work in the NHS at my local hospital and am a union activist. 

After I joined in 2015, I became secretary of Ilford South constituency Labour Party in 2016 and 2017 and a candidate, selected by members to represent them in the 2018 Local Government Elections in Redbridge. I was also a Momentum representative in Redbridge. 

Earlier this year, I started receiving anonymous phone calls from people threatening to attack me and racially abusing me. After being selected as a councillor candidate nearly four months ago, I received a phone call after midnight from another Labour Party member who threatened me and made numerous Islamophobic comments. I recorded the whole conversation and reported him to the police, as well as to the London Labour Party, and provided both with the recording of the conversation.

Nearly four months have passed since I reported this hate crime to both the Police and London Labour and neither has concluded investigations of my complaint. However, in the months following, I was notified by the Party’s Compliance Unit that my attacker had made a counter allegation against me and that others had complained about my conduct as secretary of Ilford South CLP.

The allegations, who made them and the evidence against me have not been disclosed to me nor have I had the opportunity to defend myself.

Since being notified of these allegations, I have been suspended by the Party's investigating officer, been told that I cannot stand as a councillor candidate and that I can not participate in any Labour Party Branch or Constituency meetings nor stand for positions at any level.

All of this has happened to me yet the Party has taken no action over the Islamophobic attack I was subject to.

The executive of my Labour branch is supporting me as is Ilford South CLP Executive Committee. A Labour branch which selected me to stand as their council candidate is backing me too.

I believe what has been done to me is totally against natural justice and violates my rights as a Labour Party member. Our great Party’s zero tolerance of hate crime has not been applied in my complaint and I believe the attack on me is politically motivated by people who do not want me running for office locally.

I am asking you to support my case and demand my suspension from the Labour Party be reversed immediately and that my complaint of hate crime is investigated in the correct manner with a timeframe in line with Labour Party Rules.

I request that London Labour and conclude any investigation against myself, without any prejudice towards me or my positions as a councillor candidate or Secretary of Ilford South CLP and allow me to participate as an active member and officer until it has concluded its investigations.

Thank you so much. Please sign and share this petition with as many of your contacts, friends and family.

Enjoy the festive period and happy holidays. 

Syed E Siddiqi 

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