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Bradford has a growing problem of youths who are literally being chased by the police to their deaths and this needs to stop, this happens time and time again and although everyone understands the faults and mistakes that young youths make, there has to be a change in policy that stops the police from chasing these youth. They can use alternative methods by stopping their vehicles as they do when showing the traffic police programmes. On the 2nd of August four young youths were chased to their deaths by the police in Bradford, how can anyone see no fault in the way the police are dealing with these youth, they have not committed murder or carrying out acts of terrorism so why can they not use other ways to stop them. How many more youths need to be buried before we see a change.

This recent tragedy has affected the whole community and to see thousands attend the funeral shows the impact this has had, the Imam spoke about how things need to change in the way youth behave and we all agree with that, this is not the first time and will not be the last time that the young youths of today are misbehaving but how many more youth have to die before someone speaks up and wants a change. 

We need to make a difference, we need a policy in place that will stop these tragic events from reoccurring, we need someone to listen to our voices and understand there has to be another way to solve this problem, if this does not change then unfortunately what we will be seeing and reading in the media will be the loss of more youths, more lives lost. 

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