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Change Universal Credit

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This universal credit is by far the worst benefit anybody has ever come across in Britain so far. We HAVE to make a change. I can't express enough how much, people are losing their homes, starving to death, also sometimes freezing to death. It's a disgrace how not wanting a mother and child to 'starve' or 'freeze' to death, is NOT a good reason for an advance payment. We are human beings, being left to basically rot. I am a single parent, and I am being left seven weeks without a single payment. Sometimes, I go without a gas top up on my meter just to see my daughter eat!!! I am absolutely ashamed to say I am British. Seeing our own on the streets, refusing help to our own who are suffering. We don't want our children to grow up wondering why they can't attend the next school trip, why some children can do dance classes, why some are lucky to get a snack after school, and being bullied because they don't have the next brand of clothing, wondering why they can't have breakfast one morning, and tea the next night. We should NOT be living like this. They don't help to get into work, once I was almost sanctioned just because, I had a job interview and a job centre appointment on the same day! I obviously had to cancel my job interview, as I didn't want to loose money for me and my daughter! THIS IS NOT ENOUGH!!! This is a disgrace to this country! Universal credit needs to be STOPPED, its stupid rules, and zero help by the people with their 'moods' on the other end of the phone! make this STOP, it was fine how it was! It's not helped me get into work what so ever, the people at the job centres actually help, it's the people over the phone that have zero sympathy! Make a change! 

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