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Remove Diane Abbot as a Labour MP for her outright racism against British and White people

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Diane Abbott is not fit for office because of her racist views and remarks towards British and White people that are unfitting for a person in her position. She cannot be trusted to make fair, unbiased and honest decisions because of her own colour clouded judgement. It is time to find a fairer person. She is an embarrassment to Labour making them look like they support Anti white racism and her financial affairs are concerning. Her most recent remarks are as follows,


1) Diane Abbot has claimed Brexit was triggered by racists who did not like seeing people who look 'foreign' on their streets. She Branded Brexiters "Stupid and Racist"
2) She said Brexit supporters had attacked ethnic minority voters afterwards but has no evidence to back this up
2) Said when people spoke about immigrants, often included people like her from ethnic minority backgrounds who had been British for generations (Her Parents are Jamaican, she has been brought up traditionally Jamaican.  Her loyalties are clearly biased towards West Indian people).
3) "London shouldn't have another white middle ages mayor"
4) "Blonde, blue-eyed Finnish girls" are unsuitable as nurses because they had "never met a black person before"
5) Abbott tweeted "White people love playing 'divide and rule' We should not play their game" in 2012
6) Abbott suggested that taxi drivers discriminate on racial grounds, tweeting that she was "Dubious of black people claiming they’ve never experienced racism. Ever tried hailing a taxi I always wonder?"
7) Abbott captures a central political fact, which is that white people in western societies have benefited from their histories of colonial exploitation. .She used the hashtag "tactics as old as colonialism."
8) “West Indian mothers would go to the wall for their children”, suggesting others would not, Andrew Neil responded: "So black mums love their kids more than white mums, do they?" She could not bring herself to say mothers of every race love their children just as much.
9) The MP was investigated by the Committee on Standards and Privileges in 2004 when it emerged she had failed to declare earnings of £17,300 for appearances on The Week. 
10) Has a charity that helps black children only in education and spent 29K of its 35K budget on a party for Parliament.

11) Missing a Brexit Vote claiming she has a migraine.  We don’t believe her.

12) Another racist attack on white people.  More so men, again.

Where does it stop, every time she opens her mouth she does every other party a favour

Surely this is one too many racist remarks and its time to find a more suitable person, she appears to be obsessed with white people being racist, she appears almost desperate to prove all white people are racist yes persists to shun them, how can she represent the other races, particularly the white people in her constituency, fairly? We do not need another MP who's policies are all about racism, anti white and British hatred and nothing else. Even her charity is for black children in education, Id she excluding other children in need becuase of skin colour?. Considering she was a race relations officer for 2 years, she has done nothing for creating good race relations, just controversy and divide between communities and that is not healthy.. Really, no one is against black people being in the house of commons but we do object to racist MP's being in there.  Its time for a new more positive Candidate.

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