Any Brexit deal must be put to a confirmatory vote.

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Labour members, voters and supporters know the Tories' Brexit deal going ahead would damage lives, industry, businesses and communities all across the UK.

We don't know where we would end up - the Political Declaration is a set of aspirations and contains nothing binding. A new Hard Brexit supporting Prime Minister could rip it up and start again - causing even more economic and social harm. 

The Labour Party cannot let any Brexit deal, go through Parliament without being put to a public vote. Nearly 3 years on from the referendum, it is only right that the people have a final say on the future of their country. 

As well as the economic damage, Labour itself would suffer if it allowed a deal to go through without a public vote. Only by ensuring a public vote and attaching it to any Brexit deal can Labour keep and grow supporters like us and have a hope of forming a Government. 

I run Labour for a Public Vote - a campaign which works to get a public vote on any Brexit deal so that the people get to have the final say. We also work to get a Labour Government - because we believe that the country deserves better than political chaos and austerity under the Tories. 

If you believe in democracy, and the right for people to have their say on the final Brexit deal, please sign this petition and send it on to your friends and family.