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Hello my fellow patriots. I am starting this counter petition to "Keep James Gunn fired from the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3" film in order to keep Disney accountable to the commitment they made in seeing his offensive and potentially true tweets about "pedophilia".

I am reiterating firmly that this is not about one man's career but a system of pedophiles and sexual assaulters the likes of Harvey Weinstein and those of his ilk. That have flourished due to the secrecy of the activities people like Mr. Gunn and other partake in. The comments, "Not jokes" are deeper in meaning than most would consider at first sight. This is the inner working of fellow creeps that truly believe they have the right to abuse children on a elite scale given their magnitude of success which can buy closure for heinous acts. To which have been going on in Hollywood before James was born.

In signing this petition you are not just keeping one man from earning another paycheck but letting a league of child abusers whom you would call entertainers, that the need for entertainment will not supersede the law and the absolute urgency to keep young children with dreams of fame and success from being violated. I state again, this is bigger than a joke and one man's job. This is an opportunity to strike at a system that truly believes they are untouchable. They are not.

If you are reading this I plead with you to use your courage and voice to be heard through the click of a button. You have the power! You decide whether or not Hollywood is to make movies. NEVER FORGET THAT!

This is a test of ones moral compass. If you ever wanted to make a difference for once in your life. Now is the time.


Jerel Damon