Keep Whistler Hollow Low Density Housing

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We, the residents of the RM of West St. Paul, petition the RM to take considerable measures to stop the development of high rise apartments in Whistler Hollow. 

Residents of West St. Paul were advertised (as pictured above) 28 single family style condos and 8 town homes for the Phase 3 development of Whistler Hollow. West St. Paul residents where led to believe that the developer, under the name "Landstar Development Corporation", had intentions to build the advertised parcel as said. 

Currently, the developer is proposing to build a 4 storey 105-189 unit apartment block in Phase Three which is the yellow section in the picture above. Please support your fellow residents in this battle.

We, the Residents of West St. Paul, are demanding that Public Officials and Elected Representatives hold the developer accountable to developing Phase 3 with the low density that was originally advertised and what residents where sold to buy into.

It is imperative that the RM of West St. Paul continues to build sustainable communities that enhance the environment and the interests of long term residents.