Ninestiles parents against silence

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Parents of Ninestiles academy received  a letter last week stating from 8:40am until Days end at 15:00pm they are to stay in silence the only exemption from this policy is on break and lunch time.  If this new policy is broken the children will be sanctioned with detention and isolation.

I'm asking for support from parents children relatives teachers and anyone who is as concerned as myself and others to sign this petition and get it noticed on a higher level as presently the school are not responding or giving us a platform to even discuss the policy before it’s implemented on November 5th 2018. 

My concerns stretch over many levels my son year 9 is in the start of his exam years and needs a good strong environment to learn and grow in, my children were many years ago watching domestic violence in my relationship the only escape they got from that before I got help was school learning chatting with friends socialising there are many out there still in those positions, to be in fear of talking creates mental health and confidence issues I’m worried this move will damage our children. Just a few of my own issues and there are many more 

How do we solve this issue ?? Sign this petition so our voices the PARENTS and our children can be heard so the school can’t just ignore our outcry at present they won’t give us  the chance for it to be discussed no matter what reasons health and safety better learning it’s wrong please show you care or this could happen to you