Reinstate George Galloway's Labour Party Membership

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George Galloway was expelled from Labour, after 37 years of membership and service by a man many consider to be a war criminal, Tony Blair.

The convoluted charges against him no longer stand as history has born out his opposition to the invasion of Iraq and his belief that there were no weapons of mass destruction. His continued ban is entirely unfair; members have been expelled from the party for bringing the party into disrepute for far less, and he should be reinstated immediately.

George Galloway is a man of truth, honour and principle. He has faithfully stood by the Party and by his word since his unfair expulsion 14 years ago. 

If proof were needed of his honesty then there is ample evidence in the bearing out of all his opposition to the war, which he put directly, openly and honestly to then PM and Labour leader Tony Blair, to Labour and to the country in 2003.

By signing this petition you help to right a great wrong and give George the chance, should he see fit to do so, of again serving our country under its next Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn.

This petition is being managed by Labour Party members, Marie McFarlane and Chris Murphy.