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Stalia Deserves Better

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Stalia is such a pure, loving relationship that was tragically ended by the writers in a rash and unclear way, due to the formation of the relationship of stydia. Since moving in this direction, Teen Wolf has cut off almost all acknowledgment of Stalia, and the worst was that they didnt even get a reconciliation or moment of appreciation in the series finale, despite their history and what the characters mean to each other. Realistically, this shouldn't have happened given their context and the fact that humans are driven by emotions and each person we encounter holds an impact on us and should be valued, despite what level of meaning they are to us. This petition is about giving the gratitude that Stalia deserves and preserving a playful, solid relationship that was formed throughout. They deserve scenes, moments, discussion, references and much more. It doesnt have to be romantic but preserving the actual relationship is much important for both parties as well as the audience. 

Their relationship and development of both characters because of this is so important. Stiles helped Malia stay human and settle into the world amongst them while she showed him what it is to completely be loved by someone. They were good for eachother and so much alike, and this was shown in 4x03 and in various other episodes with their clothing choice.

They need more than to be ignored and pushed to the sidelines, especially with the emotions of characters, Malia in particular. This isnt healthy and this isnt right. Change needs to be done. Recognition must be implemented.

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