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Install a Traffic Signal at the intersection of FM 775/FM 3432

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Car accidents happen all the time, however it's our responsibility to protect ourselves, our family, friends and fellow neighbors to give due diligence to prevent future car accidents. On April 11, 2017 my son and his friend was in a car accident at the intersection of FM 775 and FM 3432, thankfully it was minor and no one was injuried, however had there been a traffic signal in operation this accident WOULD NOT have had happend. Their accident was the second accident within a couple of hours from another. The first accident, which was still in the process of clearing the scene was a delivery rig and trailer that had jack- knifed. Our area is growing and the stop sign and caution light is no longer feasible to keep us safe and help us to prevent accidents.

Even the more experienced driver's have a difficult time navigating this intersection, I can't imagine what the young driver's experience is like.


We have a new fire station on the corner of this intersection and NOT one Emergency Vehicle Caution Light in any direction. This is not only dangerous for local and visiting driver's, it's dangerous for the men and women who respond to our emergencies. Early warning signals help us prepare and become aware of the emergency vehicles are responding.

Please sign our petition and help support us to prevent someone from losing their life at this intersection!


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