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Spexit: Spain's legal vendetta against Catalonia has begun

Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger

Feb 12, 2019 — 

On 12 February 2019 the show trial against twelve prominent Catalans began in Madrid. The judgments should be known in advance.

In a normal State governed by the rule of law, the proceedings would take place before the competent court. Pablo Casado, the leader of the Spanish party Partido Popular, which is in part right-wing extremist, said that it was thanks to his party that this trial was not brought before the Tribunal Superior de Justícia de Catalunya (TSJC), which actually has jurisdiction, but before the Tribunal Suprem in Madrid, which has jurisdiction only in the second instance, in what is now the first and probably the only instance. This alone shows how badly the partly partisan, partly corrupt Spanish judiciary is, which twists and bends Spanish and international law in an intolerable way on the Catalan question.

A state that seriously violates an organic law and its own constitution by deposing a democratically elected government without a viable legal basis in order to have the deposed politicians then prosecuted as dissenting dissidents by an incompetent court by means of criminal law with no real basis in its own penal code, a state that massively violates human rights, a state which breaks its own constitution, a state which enslaves a people living in its jurisdiction and tries with batons to prevent a democratic ballot, a state which does not recognize the fundamental human right of every people to self-determination with the foolish argument that such a human right does not apply in a «democracy», is neither democratic nor a constitutional state.

If Spain doesn't quickly change its mind, release the political prisoners imprisoned in Catalonia and recognise the Catalan nation's right to self-determination in Catalonia, the country of València and the Balearic Islands, the voluntary or involuntary 'Spexit' will only be a matter of time. A Spain that respects human rights and is prepared to transform itself into a democracy based on the rule of law, which it is not at present, will continue to be welcome in Europe. A Spain that imprisons political dissidents, persecutes them legally and does not recognise human rights has no place in the European Union.

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