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Spanish barbarians and liars in the 21st century

Prof. Dr. Axel Schönberger

Jan 25, 2019 — 

The Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, who describes himself as a «socialist», but maintains contact with the Spanish right-wing extremist group «Societat Civil Catalana» and has publicly ridiculed the Catalan political prisoners in an almost cynical manner, has added another to his previous anti-Catalonian remarks. At the start of the Madrid show and sham trials against the unlawfully imprisoned Catalan politicians, the outcome of which is likely to have been determined before they even began, he described the 1066 cases of documented violations by the Spanish national police and the «Guardia Civil» in Catalonia of October 1, 2017 as «fake news». He made the obviously untrue assertion to his European Union counterparts that there had only been two serious cases of hospitalisation at all and that all other news concerning the Catalans injured on 1 October 2017 had been invented or falsified.

Spain is a state which not only denies a people living in it the collective human right to self-determination to which it is entitled, but also prevents the holding of a corresponding referendum by brutal force. Spain is a state that lets its citizens, who only want to claim their basic and human rights guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution, beat up with batons and kick and beat by police units without any recognizable consideration for health and life. Spain is a country whose present appearance is reminiscent of the times of Francoism and National Socialism. And Spain must accept that in the 21st century it is rightly called «barbaric» in this respect.

If the Catalan referendum on self-determination on 1 October 2017 had really been illegal and the obviously false Spanish assertion that individual human rights were not valid in a democracy had been correct, then a democratic constitutional state would have proclaimed its nullity the day after such a referendum and would not have needed any brutal use of force against persons. However, forcibly trying to prevent the Catalan people from holding a democratic vote, in accordance with the Spanish Constitution and binding international law, was a brutal act of barbarism for which Spain will have to be ashamed for centuries to come.

Who, as minister of the Spanish state, not only mocks the victims in the face of 1066 precisely documented cases of police violent excesses of October 1, 2017, but even denies that any harm has been done to them, is morally no better than those sad figures who deny the existence of National Socialist concentration camps. Who spreads such untruths and tries to denigrate documented facts as «Fake News», shows the Catalan people in all clarity that in this Spain there is no more place for it.

Catalonia has already decided against the continuation of Spanish bondage and in favour of self-determined freedom. The referendum of 1 October 2017 did not violate international law. It wasn exercise of the inalienable collective human right of the Catalan people to self-determination. The proclamation of the Catalan Republic of 27 October 2017 was made in accordance with international law and does not require recognition by other States in order to be valid. Those who recognise human rights will also recognise the proclamation of the Catalan Republic. Only a new referendum, in which the Catalan people would, if necessary, withdraw their proclamation of state autonomy, could revoke it.

Since 1 October 2017, Catalonia has been inexorably on the road to national independence. The Spanish state, on the other hand, is falling apart. The «fake news» spread by Spain may still deceive the public in other countries for a while, and the anti-human rights measures of the Spanish government and judiciary may lead to a delay in the establishment of functioning state structures in the Catalan Republic. But the barbarity of the Spanish state apparatus, which is responsible for archaic violence and massive violations of its own legal system and is afraid of a political solution to a deeply political conflict because it has no good arguments and is recognizably wrong, makes Spain appear to be a backward country, not sufficiently developed and in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights, whose highest courts, dependent on political parties, bend and break national and international law at will.

Anyone who denies the existence of National Socialist extermination camps is telling the untruth.

Whoever denies the millionfold crimes of Spanish Francoism is telling the untruth.

Anyone who denies the brutal police violence that resulted in at least 1066 injured people in Catalonia on 1 October 2017 is telling the untruth.

And whoever consciously undertakes this against a better conscience in a public function is a liar.

Leading representatives of the European Union have decided against the principles of the rule of law, democracy and human rights in the Catalan question. They have thus irresponsibly done enormous damage to the European Union and to the idea of European unification, the extent of which will only be apparent in later years.

Spanish barbarians in 21st century Europe — and Europe is silent and watching!


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