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Bring back Wetherspoons Buffalo Sauce for the 10 Chicken Wings

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JD Wetherspoons is a quintessential British establishment which has supported many people through hard times. There is no need to explain the fundamental importance and place it holds in many people's hearts. 

JD Wetherspoons is one of the only places in the U.K. where if you are hungry, day or night, you no JD Wetherspoons is going to welcum in with warm embracin arms, with a large menu with something for everyone including vegan if it ur thing it ain't mine but they still got vegan 

Many chains in the U.K. offer chicken wings, and many fail. I have tried lots of chain pubs Wings and I think they are of poor quality, poor frying/cooking method or undercooked. 

JD Wetherspoons however, is one of the best places for a chicken wings .With 10 wings often coming in at no more than a fiver. JD Wetherspoons was one of the only pub chains who got the choice of sauce for wings right. I been lots of large pub chains who give me dissapointing wings with a wide variety of sauces which ain't what the wing experience about I'm not looking for burn my mouth and leave me crying in front my son, I ain't looking for sticky BBQ. 

Not only did spoons give us blue cheese dip which is naughty, they also gave us BUFFALO SAUCE which is why spoons so much more forward thinking than many competitors. 


As of late, JD Wetherspoons has decided to get rid of buffalo sauce, and replaced it with a non authentic Sriracha style sauce. Here is a list of reasons why this is bad:

  • Who has heard of "Sriracha Wings" I ain't.. my mum ain't my nephew ain't he's 8 and he heard of buffalo wings 
  • Sriracha doesn't complement blue cheese dressing
  • JD Wetherspoons had a perfect formula, £5er most for 10 wings, blue cheese dip, buffalo dip, quality deal that.. why has this changed.. did people ask for this to be changed? I eat more spoons Wings than anyone i no and no1 asked me lol
  • the Sriracha sauce isn't really anything like Sriracha, srircha more of a TOMMY K style dip and doesn't really work as buttery sauce 

please change this JD Wetherspoons as u been a big part of mine and many people's lives whose hearts you touched thru you giving us buffalo and blue cheese dip. 

Frank (frank red hot reviews)


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