STOP Bucks CC plans to dump 2 million tonnes of waste soil into Thorney Park Lake

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The council has proposed to create a landfill site on Thorney Country Park, near Richings Park, that will be used to hold over two million tonnes of spoil.

The original plan was for the council to use the soil to landscape the lake line and use it to make the lake shallower. BUT NOW THEY ARE NOT GOING TO RESTORE THE LAKE.

Iver Parish Council (IPC) hotly criticised the plan, saying: “It has developed into a wonderful wildlife area, and ideally residents want it to stay that way and not be subject to dumping and eventual landscaping.

This would destroy the beauty of The Park and more importantly the homes it provides to fish the vast range of water fowl, other birds, rabbits, deer and foxes.

Habitats of endangered species such as bats and Kingfishers will be wiped out, not to mention the pollution it absorbs from the Motorways and nearby Heathrow.

HGVs will inevitably bring the spoil in. With an estimate of 25 tonnes per HGV, that is 160,000 extra HGV movements on our local roads.

IPC chairwoman, Dr Wendy Matthews, said: “We’re extremely concerned the plans have got to this stage. There was no consultation to address the concerns of residents. We’ll be left with a barren landscape and no lake. This will generate £6mfor BCC, but there will be no compensation or mitigation for residents.”
Mr Tett, said: “The current proposal offers the opportunity to both significantly enhance and upgrade the park to be a fantastic local leisure asset.” and also provide a financial endowment for its future maintenance.
“Depending on the terms of the lease, the project could yield an income of approximately £6 million over a six year period to Buckinghamshire County Council. But none of the money has been promised to the local area to redevelop the park or any other projects in the local area.

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Dear Sir’s,

I write following the Community, meeting of 26th November 2018.

As a member of the general public we greatly appreciate the restoration work carried out Thorney Deep Lake, by the BCSG since they took the lake on 6 years ago. It has become a pleasure to walk round there and is one of the last pieces of quiet countryside we have left.

Having been closed for 15 years they took on a barren water and have stocked it making it a successful fishery, we had hoped in years to come it would be pride of the Colne Valley.

The lake is kept in immaculate condition, and kept to look natural so as not to infringe on their lease nor upset local dog walkers or bird spotters many who have become firm friends.

We have wildlife of all types Deer, Muntjac, fox, Badgers, mink, rabbits, along with wild fowl, many of whom breed and stay on the lake all year round. It's also home to bats who roost locally

The lake was devoid of wildfowl before the anglers took it on and it would be a crying shame to see it revert to a landfill site, yet again.

We see kingfishers, Terns, and reed bunting all breed on both the lake and river. We are fortunate enough that many members are Ornithologists as well as anglers, the demise of the Kingfisher population in the UK is a very sad thing to see.

The very symbol of Bucks County Council the Royal Swan has been encouraged back onto the water with two pairs, nesting and breeding every year.

I would strongly object to this project taking place, it is heart breaking to see such a beautiful wildlife paradise turned into a landfill site.

Best regards