Pond5, don’t cut the already low compensation for stock artists!

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Being a stock footage creator is not an easy living. Artists sell their creations through stock footage agencies, which dictate prices and take a massive cut (sometimes 70%), with the artist having no control in the process. Pond5 always marketed itself as being different – a true partner to artists, committed to a 50/50 split of a price set by the artist. That drew many hard-working artists to join with Pond5. Sadly, that trust is now being betrayed. Pond5 announced it is forcing all artists to choose between signing with them exclusively or having their payment share from sales cut by 20%! Pond5 knows few people can choose exclusivity because sales at one site will not cover losses from excluding other sites, so this is plainly a profit-grab out of the pockets of artists.

Pond5 has often said it doesn’t want to lower prices and see a “race to the bottom.” But by cutting artist pay, they’re pushing a race to the bottom in how much artists are compensated for their own work.

Please sign to demand that Pond5 leave artist pay at 50%! Pledge to not purchase footage from Pond5 unless they maintain a 50% commission. Storyblocks.com is a great stock footage and image site that has a 50/50 deal with artists.

You can also contact Pond5 directly to voice your protest at support@pond5.com, or email CEO Jason Teichman at jteichman@pond5.com. Thank you!