Stop the Saint Peter Sand Co. Mine in Hillsboro Mo.

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The Saint Peter Sand Co. along with HC Partners LLC want to put a silica sand mine in the middle of a residential area.  They are attempting to not rezone the property but they have petitioned for a special use permit.  With the special use permit it makes it easier for the companies above to be successful as there is less red tape for them to have to get through than it is with rezoning the property to industrial.

There are many reasons that this special use permit should not be allowed.  

1.  There is the potential to damage existing wells as all the surrounding homes are on wells

2. Pollution of the water table.  There are 2 watersheds that have the potential to be polluted from the mine

3.Silica sand is a carcinogen.  OSHA requires respirators be worn for workers who could be exposed to silica sand.  The silica sand that they want to mine is very fine and can be lifted with prevailing winds potentially exposing residents of the surrounding counties.

4.  Blasting to extract the sand from the ground potentially causing house foundations to crack along with damaging the aqua-fir that many homes need and use.

5. The Proposed mine is currently on a small county road.  The amount of truck traffic along with the semi truck traffic potentially destroy the current infrastructure as it was not designed for that type of traffic.

These are just a few of the items why this mine does not need to be allowed in a residential area.