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Regyna is a 5 year old living with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy who has show miraculous improvement while under care in Canada.

Now her mother and her face deportation on March 30th. If this happens, she will not able to access full health coverage in Mexico and will suffer. 

Letter to
Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews
Minister of Immigration & Citizenship, Canada Jason Kenney
Honorable Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney,

I'm writing today to request that you use your Ministerial discretion to stop Regyna and Nancy's deportation, issue them a temporary resident permit while the appeal on their Humanitarian and Compassionate application is heard, and ensure that they receive status on Humanitarian grounds.

Nancy and Regyna have a deportation date set for March 30, 2012.

Nancy came to Canada in 2009 escaping domestic abuse, with her 2 1/2 year old daughter Regyna who is living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Through intensive care, proper medication and rehabilitation, Regyna has shown dramatic improvement in her health.

Doctors say that when Regyna arrived in Canada at 2 1/2 years of age with significantly low body weight. Here, she received access to healthcare services and was properly assessed and diagnosed for her cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Under the high quality and comprehensive multidisciplinary care at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and Sick Kids’ Hospital in Toronto, Regyna has thrived. Improvements to her health include:

· Successful control of her epilepsy with anti-seizure medications
· Significant improvements in her involuntary movements due to cerebral palsy with the trial of a therapeutic pharmacological medicine.
· Improvements in her corticovisual impairment so she is now able to see moving objects and the television
· Assessment of her hearing loss for which she is due to be evaluated for the insertion of a cochlear implant in upcoming months
· Weight gain to a healthy level under the excellent care of the Nutrition Clinic

Regyna's health has shown almost miraculous improvement. She has done so well here in Canada that she has been able to enroll in school with the support of Toronto Preschool Speech and language Services, as well as the Blind-Low Vision Early intervention/Infant hearing program.

Such high quality services are either completely unavailable in Mexico or are exorbitantly expensive.

The Canadian refugee system allows for immigration status on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Giving immigration status to Regyna and Nancy is a humanitarian matter.

Please act now to ensure that Regyna's is not harmed.



Honorable Jason Kenney Ministro de Ciudadania e Inmigración de Canadá:

Estamos escribiendo para rogarle que use su discreción ministerial para: parar la deportación de Nancy y Regyna; otorgarles un permiso de residencia temporal mientras piden una revisión judicial de su Humanitarian and Compassionate claim; y asegurar que reciben estatus en bases humanitarias. Su fecha de deportación es el 30 de marzo, 2012.

Nancy llegó a Canadá en 2009 huyendo violencia doméstica, con su hija de 2 años y medio quien vive con parálisis cerebral y epilepsia. Gracias a un cuidado médico intensivo, medicinas apropriadas, y terapias de rehabilitación intensivas, la salud de Regyna ha mejorado mucho. Los médicos cuentan que cuando Regyna llegó a Canadá tenía un peso peligrosamente bajo. Aqui, recibió acceso a servicios médicos y diagnósticos apropriados de sus condiciones médicas. Bajo la alta calidad de la atención médica que ha recibido en los hospitales Holland Bloorview y Sick Kids, Regyna a mejorado mucho.

Mejoras en su salud incluyen:
- control de su epilepsia con medicamentos para espasmos
- mejoras significativas en sus movimientos involuntarios causados por su parálisis cerebral, con el uso de un medicamento terapeútico
- mejoras en su visión para que ahora puede ver objetos que se mueven
- diagnósticos de sus oídos, con más diagnósticos y examenes pleaneados en el próximo mes para determinar si se le puede dar un implante coclear
- aumento de peso a un nivel sano, bajo el cargo de la clínica nutricional

La salud de Regyna ha demostrado una mejora casi milagrosa. Esta tan bien aqui en Canadá que ahora esta en el colegio, con el apoyo del Toronto Preschool Speech and Language Services, y el Blind-Low Vision Early intervention/Infant hearing program. Servicios de esta calidad en México, cuando existen, son muy inaccesibles por los gastos muy altos.

El sistema de protección de refugiados en Canadá permite otorgar estatus sobre bases humanitarias. Darles estatus a Nancy y Regyna es un asunto humanitario. Por favor tome acción ahora para asegurar que la salud de Regyna no se sacrifique.

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