Help us change the word “Disabled Parking” to “Access Parking”

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The words “Disabled Parking” never bothered me, until it applied to me.

My little 5 year old daughter Isabella was born with Cerebral Palsy and my life changed forever.

Suddenly, I found myself parking in that conspicuous blue parking space and confronted every time with the words, “Disabled Parking”.

It made me think about how I never realized that people who parked in these spaces were immediately labeled as “disabled”.

It is simply a special parking space, it should not be a label or statement about a person’s physical ability.

One word at a time, we have changed…

Deaf and dumb to Vision and speaking Impaired
Retarded to Down syndrome
Spastic center to Cerebral palsy center
Mothers’ room to Parents’ room

Disabled parking has been changed around the world in many countries too, priority parking, mobility parking, badge parking and even POD (people of determination)

We don’t call the Special Olympics the Disabled Olympics – what a downer that would be and it would not convey the incredible skills and capabilities of these amazing people.

So, let’s make a change today…let’s change “Disabled Parking” to “Access Parking”.

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