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Find something else to be concerned about. Beyoncé's child's hair is NOT your business!

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It's important to understand that there are many different things to be worried about in this world. There are children going to bed hungry in this country, some being abused and neglected. Seriously neglected. And yet, here you are. Targeting a child whose parents make more than enough money to care for her. Just because you don't approve of how they care for her hair, doesn't mean that you have the right to ask others to band together and sign a petition to force Beyonce and Jay-Z to satisfy you by taking care of their child according to your wishes. You, my friend, have some serious psychological issues and you need to get yourself checked out. I wouldn't have bothered to do this, but I just can't sit back watch you bash a two year old's hair. Have you ever stopped to think that perhaps there are underlying reasons, or maybe there are none, but either way; is it really your business and/or your place to tell them how they should care for their baby's hair?


I believe your petition is a travesty and I cannot believe that you would have the nerve and audacity or unmitigated gall to call these people, who have done absolutely nothing to you, out about their child's hair. Therefore, I am asking others to stand with me to request that you, yourself, get a life. Find something rewarding about your own situation and make sure you're good before you step out to publicly denounce anyone about their choices concerning their own child! Find a cause that can seriously benefit people. Check out your local homeless shelter and/or domestic violence groups. There are also rape crisis centers, or because you seem to have a love of children, perhaps you could look into fostering one. That would give you something productive to do, other than being mean and vindictive toward a small child and her obviously loving parents, who take her everywhere with them, instead of leaving her with nannies to raise her. Think on that.

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