Let’s shut down all fur farms in Poland!

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When I first heard that the project to ban fur farming was going to parliament I felt pride. I was proud of Poland because I felt that we were doing something wonderful – finally the suffering of fur animals in our country was to be ended once and for all.

All fur farms look similar. Animals are kept there in rows of tiny cages. They are born in bare wire cages in which they spend their whole lives. In nature those animals inhabit vast areas; they run, climb and dig holes. On fur farms they cannot satisfy their basic needs. They live there under such stress that they go mad; they bite and even eat one another. They leave their cages only once in their lives – to be gassed or electrocuted. And all this for fashion and in the name of blind greed.

In an animal shelter in Korabiewice I have seen foxes rescued from fur farms. It is hard for me to believe that someone locked these beautiful and intelligent animals in cages. I am happy that they have a new home and new lives. What makes me sad, however, is that these are just few lucky animals – few out of millions born each year at fur farms.

Fur farms affect also people living in their vicinity. They must live in terrible odour; deal with infestations of flies and similar problems. They protest against fur farms because they want what is best for their children and grandchildren.

Sadly, my pride did not last long and was replaced by a big disappointment when members of parliament started to talk about crossing the fur farming ban out from the project of the new animal-protection law. This will mean sentencing 10 millions animals a year to pain and suffering – only to satisfy the greed of few fur farmers.

Dear Mr Kaczyński, I fear that members of parliament will choose to disappoint both the animals, and the voters. This is why I ask you to take every measure necessary to close fur farms in Poland. You have recently said that “the suffering of fur animals is one of the worst kinds of suffering, which is taking place” and I could not agree more, but the animals cannot wait any longer – they need our immediate help. If we want to be proud of Poland, we should show the entire world that we care for animals. They also feel fear and pain. Let Poland be the leader of animal protection, not a country that offers refuge for an industry unwanted elsewhere.

Dear Mr Kaczyński, please make sure that the ban on fur farming will remain a part of the planned novelisation of animal protection law. Please side with the animals, so we could be proud of Poland for treating its animals with care.