Save the whales

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Whales are top of the food chain. So they are important in the ecosystem. These days whales are in danger and there are many reasons why they are in extinct. First, industrial problems. Shipping activity and oil and gas development cause noise and they can annoy whales. And more, it can cause whale’s ear damage when noise are very loud. This can be really serious problem because it can effect their feeding and breeding. Next, the most serious thing is whale meat. In japan, the world’s most whale killing country, they killed more than 100 whales are killed by whale hunters.

To solve this problem, we made a short video about whales to make people realize the magnitude of the problem. Also, by uploading this video online, for example,, we suggest fund raising for whale protection. Another way of protecting whales are sending e-mail to NGO who support ‘whale protecting’. We hope many people watch our video and be conscious of whale protection.

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