Protect Roaring Brook's Native Brook Trout- Stop Development of Love's Travel Stop

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Native brook trout habitat is threatened by the development of Love's Travel Stop off route 84 west at exit 71 in Willington Connecticut in Roaring Brook.  Roaring Brook is a Class 3 Wild Trout Management Area sustaining a population of native brook trout and wild brown trout.  To protect fragile habitat significant safeguards must be taken by the developers to ensure habitat degradation does not take place by means of improper leaching field creation and maintenance.  The leaching field must not compromise water conditions in Roaring Brook.  Stringent water quality monitoring must be ongoing through development and (theoretical) operation of the proposed truck stop.  During development, steps must be taken to control disruption of soil and preservation of riparian habitat.  Ideally, the project will not move forward due to concern for the natural habitat in and around the development site.

CT DEEP Application #201503113

"Discharge of wastewaters from sewage treatment and subsurface disposal system to groundwater"