Education is the key to every child

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Hello, my name is Onwuegbule Modestus Akachi. I am starting a foundation to help school children in rural communities of Nigeria. My vision is to empower them by providing them with educational materials such as chalkboards and other classroom essentials, notebooks, school bags, pens, and pencils, basic necessities for learning. For years I have been passionate about starting an outreach like this, but I believe that now is the perfect time to do so. I myself am from the continent of Africa. I first came up with this idea reflecting on my experiences in my school days there. In public schools, it is not out of the ordinary for kids to be without school bags or decent shoes. As I grew up, looking back at those things I remembered what so many people around me passed through, and I came to the decision that I want to make a difference in the lives of children who are experiencing the same type of things now. Knowing that I can make children happy and show them that someone cares for them enough to invest in them is something to be proud of. The goal of this project is to reach out to as many young lives as possible because the children of today make up the society of tomorrow. In order to produce young leaders, children must be equipped. In an area where a child is lacking a book bag, notebook, pen, and other educational materials, how will they learn? By giving them these things, it will enable them to be more committed with their studies and to do great things. With your support and encouragement, we can bring this great vision to reality