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Protect Syrian Nationals Living in the United States

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The situation in Syria is rapidly deteriorating. Every day Syrians experience torture, detention and even murder. Over 7,000 Syrian civilians have been killed since March 2011 when the government began its repression against protesters. In the last few months alone, thousands have been killed or detained simply for expressing their support for protests or their opposition to the regime.

Syrian immigrants living and working in the United States are now living in fear. If deported, they would be sent back to a country where they could be tortured or murdered for voicing their opinions. That is why we are calling on the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syrians living the United States. TPS would protect Syrian immigrants from the threat of deportation -- and possibly save their lives.

This status would allow Syrians currently living in the US to remain here until the violence has subsided and not face a threat of being deported to Syria where they could face repression. Temporary Protected Status would allow Syrians already in the United States to apply for permission to remain here for a limited time and work legally.

As Muslim- American/ women of middle- eastern descent women we feel it’s our responsibility to speak out in support of the thousands of Syrian citizens in the US who currently live in fear of having to return to a country torn apart by violence. We have a responsibility to protect Syrians living in the United States.

Join us in calling on DHS Secretary Napolitano to protect Syrians in the US until the violence in Syria has ended.

Seven US Senators and many human rights organizations have all urged President Obama and Department of Homeland Security to protect Syrians in the United States, will you do the same?

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