Help Teenagers Get Counseling & Life Coaching

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Currently there are many teenagers who are being left to have to raise themselves as many parents are ending up divorced. Because most of these kids are being brought up by mom who works a full time job, this is leaving many of them to have to figure out how to become a mature adult on their own. So many of these teenagers are spending way too much time on social media and are suffering from severe emotional traumas and issues.

There are so many teens ending up depressed and overwhelmed with stress and anxiety that our suicide rates continue to rise. If we don't find a way to help them learn how to address their emotions, solve their problems, and figure out what they want to do with their life, we are going to be faced with an epidemic of young adults who are not well adjusted and won't know how to find their way in this world.

I want to be able to get some government funding that will provide teen counseling and life coaching for these kids so that they have a place to go to and a group of mentors who will support them on a regular basis. The goal would be to create local community hubs where these kids can go after school and be mentored and coached by trained professionals who will give them the proper guidance and nurturing that they need and are not getting at home.

The plan would be to create one community hub somewhere in Los Angeles that would work as a beta program for one year. Once we see how well it works we can then scale this program into other areas so that eventually it goes nation wide.

You would be amazed at how far a little love and attention goes to helping to keep these teenagers out of trouble. A single mom who works a full time job can't do it alone and its getting to be a point where its now a national crisis. Kids are out of control all over this country causing all kids of problems because they are not getting the necessary guidance. We can no longer just stand by and do nothing.

Please sign this petition and help me raise awareness for this cause. There are many Government funds available for this program but we must raise awareness first!