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My name is Jami Kinton and am a board member for the International Federation of Boomerang Association. Recently, boomerangs have garnered international attention after a video was released with United States Boomerang Team member Logan Broadbent and Dude Perfect "Boomerang Trick Shots" It is my hope that with the great support the sport of boomerangs has gained in recent weeks, that the community will join in helping us remove a false stigma with a national organization.

Boomerangs are currently listed a weapon and an "unauthorized activity" in the Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual, and this is something we greatly want to work hard to get removed in a timely manner. Every other item on the list, including short-barreled rifles and shotguns, flintlock rifles, cannons, bottle rockets, etc., are true weapons and explosive devices EXCEPT boomerangs. We not only wish to remove the ban on boomerangs with the BSA, but educate that boomerangs are not a weapon nor shooting sport, but a throwing and catching sport akin to Frisbee or baseball.

For those questioning the boomerangs hitting targets in the Dude Perfect video, understand that " sport trick shots" are what this sports entertainment group does -- with every sport. You'll find DP basketball, football, soccer ball, ping-pong ball, pool trick shots. The sport of boomerangs entails throwing and catching.

Boomerangs have been considered a recreational activity and a sport since the late 1970s in the United States and around the world. In fact, the returning boomerang was NEVER used as a weapon. It was the Kylie, which has commonly been mistaken for a boomerang, that was used by the Australian aborigines for hunting tools. The returning boomerang developed from the Kylie, but has only been used for sport/recreational purposes as you would never want a "weapon" to return to YOU.

It is our wish to reach 100,000 signatures within 30 days so that we can begin the process of removing our incredible sport from this list and continue sharing our passion and love for boomerangs with the Boy Scouts and other groups and individuals across the country. The USBA has been in communication multiple times in recent years with the Boy Scouts of America national headquarters in Texas regarding this issue to no avail. 

Logan and countless other boomerang throwers do scout demos regularly at camps and banquets, and have never encountered any safety issues. Please check out this great video from a recent Boy Scout banquet demo:

See a testimonial from Canton, Ohio Cubmaster Mike Ott below: 

My name is Mike Ott. I am the Cubmaster of Pack 257 in the Hetuck District. I am writing you today regarding the use of boomerangs in the BSA. I was recently made aware that boomerangs are considered a weapon in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual.

In the past, we have had several boomerang presentations at our Blue and Gold banquets and they have been some of the most popular programs among our Scouts and their parents. The presentations have been very informative regarding the differences between modern boomerangs and the Kylie which was used by Aboriginals and Native Americans as hunting weapons. The main difference is that the Kylie was not designed to return which makes perfect sense. Why would you want a weapon to come back to you?

Since our most recent presentation, my 3 sons have shown a growing interest in boomerangs and I have become friends with Logan Broadbent. Logan is a Canton native and a member of the US Boomerang Team. He has participated in several seasons of American Ninja Warrior and most recently, he was featured on Dude Perfect to perform boomerang trick shots. The trick shots video had over 20 million hits on YouTube in the first week. Logan's passion is to teach young people about the sport with a very inspirational and educational message.

Logan would love to have the opportunity to make presentations at Scout camps to teach children about boomerangs and how they have opened up a world of opportunity for him.

I would like to ask for your help to get this petition to BSA National.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Ott
Pack 257

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