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Release the Ban on Pitbulls in Clay Center,KS.

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The pitbulls are known as the nanny breed and they are very good with children. Any breed of dog can be trained to be aggressive or viscous. It all depends on how you raise the dogs and how you treat them. Pitbulls are very sweet dogs and just big babies when they are trained and treated properly. I had a pit bull and was forced to get rid of her because I couldn't have her in Clay Center. She wasn't even a year old yet and was already a very big part of my life. Pitbulls are the best breed for my husband and I because of how sweet and loving they are. So it would mean the world to me to beable to have another one and to show people that it's not the breed it's how you raise them. So please help us release the ban of Pitbulls in Clay Center, KS.

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