Please Allow Judas Priest To Perform At The Legendary Madison Square Garden Again.

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Dear James L. Dolan, Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company,

In 1984, the fans of Judas Priest (not the band) had damaged a number of seats during a show at Madison Square Garden.  The band Judas Priest, which played no role in the behavior of their fans, took responsibility and paid for the damages.  While they took responsibility for the actions of their fans, they were sadly banned for life.

As a young child in 1984, I was not yet a fan of Judas Priest, but I still want to let you know, years later, that we are very sorry for the actions of other fans 34 years ago.  We will not dismiss the actions of those who were guilty and we admonish their behavior, which has caused Judas Priest both to take financial responsibility and punishment for the actions of others.

While still bearing responsibility, we ask you to consider that even fans who were old enough to see Judas Priest live in 1984 have aged and matured significantly.  A fan who was 18 in 1984 would be 52 years-old today.  These fans have matured and many of them now have spouses and children.  Do we expect fans who are 52-70 years old to misbehave in 2018?  Thankfully not.

I have attended many Judas Priest concerts.  Many of the fans are in their 50s and 60s.  They are well-behaved, as are the younger fans who attended these concerts.  This is a very mature audience who happen to love Heavy Metal greatly.

On March 21, 2018, Judas Priest's singer, Rob Halford, talked about how Madison Square Garden was his favorite venue to ever perform in.  Of everywhere he has played in the entire world, no location has meant more to him than yours.

We ask you, humbly and respectably, to remove the ban on Judas Priest from performing at Madison Square Garden and to see how this older and more mature audience will behave.  I think that you will be very satisfied with the behavior of an audience so different than they were in 1984.  We will be grateful and thank you for this consideration. 


Michael Rubin and My Fellow Judas Priest Fans