Support car Track Days at MOD Lyneham

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Track Days at MOD Lyneham have been stopped without consultation of the local and wider community. The impact will be felt far and wide for not only those who gain employment and income from such events for also the many many people who attend them. The track days run by Motorsport Events Ltd provide and safe, controlled and fun environment for guests to enjoy their cars, with strict rules regarding driving and also the road cars used and noise limits applied.

Income generation for the MOD is cut and also the opportunity for those serving in the military to attend these events and benefit for the expert driver coaching on offer is lost.

All that we ask for is a fair consultation and review and for the proper analysis of noise and environmental impact for local residents to be undertaken.  To date not only has there been a complete lack of tests during these events to test if there is an official noise nuisance, but also there has been no consultation of local residents. Events have been stopped by a small group going to a high level without any investigation.