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Make Washington Street One Way Again!

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Those of us who have been in the neighborhood long enough can remember when Washington Street used to be one way only traffic from Plymouth Street all the way up to York Street.  Though you could not drive down Washington Street into DUMBO proper from York, there was little traffic congestion, a more pedestrian-friendly feel and fewer incidents. 

Now, cars are forced to squeeze by each other as people try to navigate the ensuing labyrinth to cross the street.  Motorists honking at each other adds noise pollution to an already very loud (trains, BQE, bridges) residential area.  On the weekends, I have literally seen traffic come to a full stop for several minutes as drivers unknowingly pile into an impasse. And I have personally had my parked car side-swiped TWICE because of this.  This is madness!  

I don't believe anybody could have reasonably predicted the population explosion little DUMBO has experienced in the last few years (and which continues to rise), or the crowds of visitors that descend daily to visit the park, snap photos and grab pizza.  Between the residents, visitors, deliveries and commercial traffic, Washington Street can no longer safely support two way traffic. It’s time to reinstitute a one way pattern the length of Washington between Plymouth and York.  

There shouldn’t be any impact to parking availability or regulation along the street apart from making it considerably easier to maneuver into a spot, and motorists will simply be re-routed along York-to-Front or Prospect-to-Adams.  The neighborhood will enjoy smoother traffic flow, less congestion, less noise and a SAFER street.  I hope that you’ll agree that it’s time to reverse an outmoded decision and bring back some order.  I’m asking neighbors to please sign this petition so that it may be presented to the DOT.  Thank you.


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