Bad Roads and the Environment

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The government has neglected our roads. Jamaica is a prime example of neglected road network. This petition is to draw attention to the government of Jamaica to implement and to make our roads smooth and to traverse on safely with sustainable resources. The persistent rains and water management entities, have been wreaking havoc on an already poorly maintained road network which needs to stop. This situation makes life much harder for the commuting public in terms of time, discomfort, accidents and wear and tear on our vehicles. Some of these roads are traveled by locals and tourist, most time we go through being uncomfortable in a vehicle which might fall in a "pothole" or two. We the locals traverse these routes on a daily basic. This also poses a big problem for emergencies.

Can you imagine an ambulance ride going through what seems to feel like a river bed!?

Having an elderly or a sick person travelling to or from the hospital on these road network are causing a problem. You are feeling enough pain already and travelling makes you feel  "a whole lot " more, this is downcast and regretful in any circumstance. Some of these roads are in a very deplorable manner and we would really like to see some changes.  The wear and tear on our vehicles is costing to us, they need to fix these "potholes" in the road.

The activities of the road construction are a major source of pollution, waste, energy use, and health issues. Major concerns of this can be: waste materials generation, noise pollution, emissions & energy usage, and the health of workers. The materials and resources used in fixing the road; asphalt, gravel, and tar have a high environmental footprint due to extraction, transportation, and use.

We are unsure to the rest of the world, we welcome tourist and boast about our rising tourist numbers, yet we do not put enough infrastructure in place to welcome them or allow them to have a "smooth" visit they ought to have. Respective personnel and government body we call upon you to fix these roads and to make sustainable choices.

Please support this cause.

Signed: Antoinette Cobran