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Jamaica needs to bring back hanging

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Currently Jamaica is amoungst 57 countries that still have capital punishment in law as of 2016 .According to the Human rights group ,Amnesty International 2016 report , 1,032 executions were carried out in 23 of the   57 nations .Atleast  3,117 persons  sentence to death  in 55 of the 57 countries.Atleast 18,848 persons at the end of 2016 are under the death sentence . For the persons who are worried about what the United States of America will say fret not! As of 2016 thirty-one of their states have  capital punishment . Nearly over 3,000 inmates are on death row . In  2017 ,23 persons where executed  and 39 where given death sentences according to the Death Penalty Information Center. 

February 1988,Nathan Foster was the last Jamaican to be executed(hanged).With a population is just over 3 million .Yet still for a small island  like ours have  over  1,000 murders annually in the last 14 years and over 500 murders annually  in the last 27 years. 

We the people  ain't naive to think that reinstating hanging is the silver bullet in fighting crime . But  also we aren't naive to think that every criminal is redeemable. Why should the people of Jamaica  provide food and shelter for persons found guilty at the highest court especially serial killers and rapists ? How can persons serving a life sentence without getting parole be rehabilited ?  

We the taxpayers have to fork out 1.3 million annually to maintain  an inmate.The government of Jamaica should be wasting that money  on:  social intervention in our communities, education,infrastrucrure,police technology and our justice system.The average time spent on death row by inmates in the US  is 178 months .That is  approximately  15 years .Lets say Jamaica justice system is perfect ,meaning no backlogs  and speedy court trials.So it stand to reason that  the average time of an inmate on death row in Jamaica  should be 5 years . Lets say roughly 250 persons are on death row. Annually  Jamaica stands to spend 325 million dollars annually on an irredeemable person . 


The few folks will argue against capital punishment .Some will point out that the problem is with the police. Even if the police chance of catching a criminal is 1%  ,we  the people knows the chilling effect of an irredemable being executed. That 99%  will get the message that the law is  very strict. 

We Jamaicans  are happy to see a young senator in the form of Matthew Samuda calling for his administration and his counterparts  to bring back hanging . I hope this time its just not talk . Parliament and the senate will have to establish what  type of crimes are irredeemable . 

We the people of Jamaica are calling on the upper and  lower house  to once and for all bring back hanging . We are already in fear ,therefore we have no powers to fear. Its times we put Jamaica first over foreign first. Its time we start law abiding citizens rights over criminal rights .

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