Say No to proposed traveller site at Futures Park

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Many of you may not be aware but last week a number of rossendale councillors voted to change the proposed location of a new traveller site from Barlows Bottom in Facit to Futures Park in Bacup. This came after a petition was set up by the people of whitworth following a large backlash. To my understanding both stacksteads councillors Jackie Oakes and Christine Lamb are amongst others who voted in favour of this change, showing a blatant disregard for the impact this would have on local residents and the environment. I have been informed that the best way for us to prevent this is to bring as much attention to this in an attempt to move this location away from bacup and stacksteads! Please sign to show your support and address any questions or dissatisfaction towards the councillors who have caused this, aswell as your local MP who i hope will fight to have this location changed!

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