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Slavery Happening in Chocolate Factories in Africa

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The civic issue I will be focusing on is slavery happening in chocolate factories in Africa. Whenever I watch the news, I see the children in Africa suffering from working in chocolate factories. Children from Africa are working In environments that are not safe for them and instead of going to school, the children work in cocoa farms just to pay for their families and earning less than minimum wage. Based on safety, I can’t imagine how these children work in cocoa farms and how they will pay for their families and rather than going to school and having an education. Having a bad work environment can really affect the children working at cocoa farms. They can be sick or having other kinds of illness. Not just children who work at cocoa farms, even adults were working at the cocoa farms. One thing that frustrates me is that some children including adults were beaten and locked just because they want to leave or not working fast enough and this situation frustrates me because I feel like not eating and purchasing chocolate again because just for the chocolate, the people who are living in bad lives into making chocolate. The children and adults who work at the cocoa farms were provided with dirty water and cheap food. Since the impact is extreme based on this situation, solving the problem would be that the farmers providing a safe work environment and providing a minimum wage and having a proper eating habit and clean washrooms for the children and the adults working at cocoa farms. Overall I feel that children and adults should be provided with a safe environment and having a minimum wage in order for them to work at cocoa farms without including things such as using dangerous equipment and getting locked up and get beaten by farmers. Also it would benefit for us, The whole world to take action of helping these children and adults in slavery working at cocoa farms so that future children and adults won't be working in slavery in cocoa farms and without putting them in danger.



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