Protecting our farmland, environment and rural communities from mining companies.

Protecting our farmland, environment and rural communities from mining companies.

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Accidental activists passionately opposed to the Fingerboards Mineral Sands Project.

Kalbar Resources are proposing to establish an open cut Mineral Sands Mine and processing plant at the Fingerboards near Glenaladale East Gippsland Victoria.

What are the SOCIAL, ENVIRONMENTAL and ECONOMIC consequences of this project?

• Kalbar will initially have five holes one kilometre long by five hundred meters wide with and average depth of twenty meters and a maximum depth of forty meters. Each pit will be in various stages from digging to rehabilitation.

• The project area will be as close as 350 meters from the heritage listed Mitchell River.

• The area contains dispersive soils which when disturbed are subject to serious erosion. Experts suggest that successful rehabilitation will vary from difficult to impossible.

• There are a number of steep gullies within the project area that Kalbar intends to mine. These gullies flow directly into the Mitchell River.

• Dust generated from this project is known to contain monazite and thorium which are radioactive and silica which causes lung disease.

• The area, like the rest of East Gippsland, is subject to heavy rainfall from East Coast Lows. It will be impossible to contain the contaminate runoff and prevent it from entering the Mitchell River and Gippsland Lakes.

• The Gippsland Lakes supports a vast and viable tourist industry which could be severely damaged through both real and perceived damage to water quality.

• The area supports a vegetable growing industry worth over $200 million per annum. This is a sustainable industry whose “clean green” image will be compromised by the establishment of a mine in the immediate locality.

• Heavy vehicle traffic will be increased by forty B-Double trucks per day as Kalbar is looking to transport the partially refined ore by road through Fernbank, Lindenow South or Stockdale.

• The mine and processing plant is intended to operate 24 hours a day seven days a week increasing noise in an otherwise quiet rural area.

• The mine will require at least four gigalitres of water per year to operate. This is the same amount of water consumed by 29 000 households and 3 500 commercial premises in the entire Bairnsdale Water Supply Area.

• The mine will produce more than 200 000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per annum which is the equivalent of 11 000 households.

• While Kalbar states that it intends to rehabilitate the site government produced statistics show that of the 150 operating mines in Victoria, 122 are in care and maintenance mode and only one mine can be classified as fully rehabilitated.

We are not prepared to allow our valuable farm land and rural lifestyles to be compromised by a damaging mining operation.

Sign our petition and express your objections before it is too late.

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