Shutdown and/or ban presidential Twitter accounts

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Media organizations play a critical role in a functioning democracy, mainly that of interacting with, questioning, and receiving responses of heads of state.  This role creates degree of accountability between the head of state and the people themselves that would otherwise not exist (except for at a next possible election time)  Although this role is not formal, its value is clear.

When a head of state can bypass media, they can bypass accountability to the people, because the people collectively have no way to question or receive responses.

Twitter, although a high-tech media organization, is enabling heads of state to bypass traditional media organizations (TV News, Newspapers, etc.).  This would not be so bad, except that Twitter is also enabling heads of state bypass questioning and having to answer questions.

Although Twitter does enable everyone to have a broadcast voice, and that would strengthen any citizen of a democracy, heads of state are special elected citizens whose voices cannot be simply broadcast, they must also be held accountable and have their voice subject to questions and answers.  If that most basic requirement within a democracy is dissolved, then accountability of heads of state to citizens is dissolved, then you have a democratically elected dictator.

Twitter must forbid, ban, and remove the accounts of any and all heads of state, to assert that heads of state must use mediums of communication that allow for questioning and answering, otherwise Twitter is too powerful of a tool for a dictator.

As a citizen, if Twitter cannot or will not forbid, ban or remove accounts of any and all heads of state, it is your duty to SHUTDOWN YOUR OWN TWITTER ACCOUNT, to send a message to Twitter, its executives, shareholders, and ecosystem, that democracy will exact a high price for being complicit in the communications of dictators.

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