Stop issuing licences/registrations for Taxis and Hire Cars (including Rideshare)

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Dear Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Transport Minister Jacinta Allan.

Due to issuing very cheap licences of only $53 per annum for Taxis and Hire Cars (including Rideshare), you have caused a MASSIVE flood of these commercial vehicles !

At Melbourne Airport, there is greater wait times of up to three hours for all commercial vehicles to get a pickup job ! Can you imagine a taxi or Rideshare car waiting all that time and then getting a short fare, the resultant anger and frustration ! 

In the CBD, ALL taxi ranks are always full during the day and taxis for example are parking illegally as a result and it has been observed council parking officers and police officers are taking advantage of the situation !

The massive oversupply of commercial vehicles is also obviously impacting on the takings/earnings of taxi and rideshare owner/drivers ! Daniel Andrews and Jacinta Allan, you are endorsing the well below minimum wage these drivers are earning by allowing an unlimited amount of licences to be issued.

The networks are also being irresponsible by continually accepting new commercial vehicles on the road, thereby putting profits before welfare of drivers ! And 13 cabs network was accepting cars of any age for new taxis and then without notice are going to charge owners of taxis older than 8 years as at 1 January 2019 a monthly fee of $150 per month, on top of the $680 per month network fees !

This policy of unlimited licences has to stop URGENTLY otherwise the situation will get worse and blood on the streets will result. I have already seen a punchup between taxi drivers at Melbourne Airport resulting no doubt from the frustration of drivers. 

And with far too many cars at Melbourne Airport, there have been repeated instances of taxi drivers cheating the airport queues and going straight to the terminals without queueing ! No doubt these drivers are desperate because they are struggling to feed their families as a result of your irresponsible policy of allowing unlimited commercial cars on the road

In New York they were in similar situation and now they have put a limit on their commercial cars. It is time the same is initiated here before it gets really bad !

Jacinta Allan you have boasted that passengers are in a great situation with great competition and lower fares BUT what about the drivers of taxis and rideshare ? You have not realised or IGNORED that taxi and rideshare incomes have been greatly affected by the extra competition and LOWER FARES !! New legislation did not take into account the WELFARE OF DRIVERS ! And there has been further instances of suicides lately !

Action is urgently required NOW !

And the continued exploitation of drivers of all commercial vehicles by Government and Taxi industry organisations also has to stop ! 

The Government should be running the taxi industry as per other modes of public transport particularly as it is considered a essential service. The way it is currently run is in my opinion a way of avoiding the proper payment of wages. Essentially Governments around Australia are taking advantage of and exploiting migrant workers.